Pause to Enjoy the Bounty

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Amid the chaos of Thanksgiving — as you are getting the house in order for company, or preparing your dish to take along to a relative’s house — don’t forget to stop, take a deep breath and enjoy these meaningful moments with family and friends.

As you bite into your first taste of turkey, or tart cranberry relish, savor the meal and remember that each dish was prepared with love, by someone you love. Take a moment to acknowledge the complex flavors and much-needed nourishment provided not only to your body, but to your soul as well. Enjoy and participate in the conversations, learn of some new accomplishments in others’ lives, lend an ear to the struggles of someone you love, and take time to focus quality attention on the children — they won’t stay children for long.

Once the turkey is carved, and the carefully-crafted feast is ready to enjoy, I encourage everyone to gather around those pristine place settings, and acknowledge all those gathered with you. This is what it means to be grateful. Thanksgiving is a time not only to enjoy the harvest from the garden, but also the fruits of the life-long relationships we work so hard to grow and nurture year-round.

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