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Reblooming Daylily Collection | Shop P. Allen

Always Reblooming Daylily Collection

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Product Description

Get 15 of these spectacular rebloomer daylilies in one collection. Each will bloom more than one time during a single season. All 15 of these bare-root, dormant daylily tubers will be shipped with full instructions at the appropriate time for planting in your area, between *March and April.*

The Always Reblooming Daylily Collection includes:

Apricot Sparkles- - 15" VE D Re Ext 3" bloom. Ever blooming! Very beautiful ruffled deep apricot long blooming daylily. Flawless form extended bloomer. Begins to bloom very early and reblooms until frost. So good it is patented!

Carlotta- - 25" ML SE Re Ext 4 ½" bloom. Exceptionally beautiful raspberry red blend with a lemon yellow watermark, florescent green throat, and cream midribs. Great branching and high bud count.

Exotic Candy- - T 26" M D Re VF 4 ¼" bloom. Light pink flowers with a prominent dark rose eye and bright green throat. Nicely ruffled, rounded petals recurve to reveal the round flower form. Excellent petal substance. You'll be impressed with its outstanding vigor and rapid multiplication.

Fire King-T 30" M D OE 5 ½" bloom. A profusion of brilliant orange flowers with heavily ruffled petals and a slightly darker orange halo set the garden ablaze! Yellow orange throat, heavily budded.

Going Bananas-17" M SE Re 4" bloom. This improved "Happy Returns" is so good, it's patented. Nearly continuous blooms from early spring until frost! Bright lemon yellow blooms open just above the foliage, typically 10-15 per scape! A new must have!

Gordon Biggs-24" E SE Re Ext 3 ½" bloom. Raspberry red with a bright red eye zone above a green throat. A narrow, yellow watermark extends slightly up the midribs; red filaments with yellow anthers. Distinctive, healthy foliage. Prolific propagator.

Happy Returns- 18" VE D F Re Ext 3" bloom. Lemon yellow bloom with tepal edges that are slightly crimped. Descended from Stella de 'Oro, this re-bloomer is slightly larger and colored a much purer yellow than its parent. A reliable performer in warm and cold climates. One of the longest bloom of any daylily! Looks great when planted with Pardon Me. One of the first to bloom.

Ice Carnival- 28" M D Re VF 6" bloom. Near white flowers with a pale yellow watermark and small lime green throat. Slightly ruffled, diamond dusted petals shimmer in the sun. Sepals are narrower and pointed with recurved tips. Lovely full form. Crisp in the hottest sun.

Pandora's Box-19" EM EV Re F 4" bloom. Very striking flowers of cream with a large bright purple eye above an emerald green throat. Broad, rounded petals have ruffled edges. Makes a wonderful border since it multiplies quickly. Awarded for most outstanding small flowered daylily.

Pardon Me-18" M D Re F OE 2 ¾" bloom. Bright cranberry red self with a narrow yellow watermark and bright green throat. Petals have pie crust ruffled edges, sepals are smooth, and both are slightly recurved. Voted best in miniature daylilies. Very long blooming. Great garden combination when planted with Happy Returns for a full season of bloom!

Rocket City-T 36" EM D Ext 6" bloom. Big and beautiful, bittersweet orange with a burnt orange eye zone. Throat and midribs are a lighter orange. Petals have crimped edges and recurve. Award winner.

Return a Smile-T 26" EM D Re 5" bloom. Mauve pink flowers with a prominent wine purple eye, yellow-green throat and ruffled edges. Consistently rounded blossoms with more durable petals and sunfast color. Vigorous grower and rapid multiplier.

Rosy Returns-16" VE D Re F 3 ¾" bloom. A very long blooming rose pink blend with a deep rose eye zone and yellow throat. The first everblooming pink daylily. Blooms from June until frost. This one is so good it's patented!

San Ignacio-T 28" EM D Re F 5" bloom. This highly fragrant, heavily flowered daylily brings a beautiful splash of soft pink color. Baby pink flowers have a lemon yellow throat that glows softly out onto the deeply ruffled petals.

Summer Dawn-21" EM D Re Ext 6 ¼" bloom. Creped, lightly ruffled light peach with medium orange veining; slight rose shading at tips of segments. Wide raised pink rib runs through to a strong yellow throat into a green heart. Oval petals overlap, lie flat; sepals lie flat and dip at ends.


Hardiness Zone: 3-9 USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

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