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Westrock Coffee Single Serve Cups

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An international company, proudly based in Arkansas, Westrock’s strength is their people. The coffee roasting and packaging facility is located in North Little Rock, their trading desks are in Europe, and origin export facilities are in Rwanda and Tanzania.

Westrock works with smallholder farmers around the globe to create some of the finest coffees in the world. Westrock is committed to creating great coffee from crop to cup. By operating at each level of the coffee supply chain, Westrock offers complete transparency to consumers and fair, honest trade to their farmer partners. In turn, the partnerships impact the farmers, their families and their entire communities.

“We believe in people and the drive not only to survive, but to live with dignity and achieve great things. We also believe that honest, fair and efficient commerce can fuel great, positive change.”



Each of these single-serve k-cup varieties has something to offer depending on your tastes and preferences. Give them a try!




Westrock Coffee is proud to include East African Blend in our family of coffees. Our passion for coffee began in Rwanda in East Africa, so it seems right to offer you a blend of coffees from this special coffee-producing region. We have chosen a mix of coffees that, together, gives you a memorable and enjoyable cup.




 A unique combination of flavors that revitalize the senses. Once brewed, the initial subtle notes of fresh clove found in the dry fragrance slowly develop into a bold nutty aroma. This exceptional mix of invigorating taste is captured as the hints of vanilla mingle with the strong flavor of brown sugar.




Dark Roast captures the most desirable attributes of Rwandan coffee. With a full-bodied, long-lasting cup, it boasts the rich flavor of smoky cedar with hints of black currant. From the dry fragrance of crisp apple to the wet aroma of light lemon, the coffee is sure to delight the senses of the adventurous palate.






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